More than “200 ethnic origins were reported ” in the 2011 Statistics Canada census findings.  And, you need to look no further than the Canadian workplace to see the manifestation of this trend.  Most workers now engage with co-workers (and also support customers) from a race, ethnic group or culture different from their own.  With this in mind, most workers often require more than a modicum of training in cultural awareness and sensitivity. Sadly, this is not always possible. In lieu of this, listed below are four easy tips that workers can use to foster cultural awareness and sensitivity:

  1. Think of people as human “first”, and get to know them as individuals – never generalize or assume that all races, ethnic or cultural groups are monolithic
  2. Seek out opportunities that will enable or foster friendships (or acquaintances) outside of your own group (culture, class, creed, age, etc.).
  3. Travel to different countries. If this is not financially possible then attend different cultural events and visit different local communities.
  4. Consume more news/information from a variety of sources and perspectives (i.e. books, political magazines,  news shows, newspapers and e-news). This can include watching and listening to more publicly funded radio and television (i.e. TVO , PBS , CBC and BBC).

Other information related to this topic:


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