Music affects us  in deep and beneficial  ways. When we integrate music into our daily life it can enhance a happy moment or help us to muddle through a difficult one. So, it’s a wonder that more people don’t make a conscious effort to find more ways to integrate music into their daily life.

Here are three easy ways to integrate more music into your life:

  1. Create a playlist of  songs (from different genres or artists) that you can have at the ready when you need inspiration to help you muddle through a difficult task or moment (i.e. cleaning your home, writing a report, escaping a bad mood, getting energized, calming down, etc.). As an example, here are three songs that I have saved and reserved for specific moments or tasks:
  1. Create a musical autobiography. This can involve searching your memory to determine what songs were playing at significant moments or stages in your life. Once you compile this list, you can then burn each song from your list to a CD.  The goal of this exercise is to share your CD (the same way that you would old photos) with your close friends.  So, instead of looking at pictures (or maybe in addition to) you will walk down memory lane by listening to some of the key songs that played throughout your life.
  1. Support the artists who create the music that bring joy and peace to your life! Make it a habit to attend at least one concert a year.

Other information related to music and life:


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