Toronto showed its  PRIDE, to an international audience, at last weeks WorldPride event.

WorldPride is an event “for people identifying as Lesbian, Gay Men, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and/or other emerging sexual identities” (InterPride, 2014). The event is the brainchild of InterPride, an “international organization that ties Pride together globally” (InterPride, 2014). As a charitable organization, InterPride boasts the following mission and vision (InterPride, 2014):

  • InterPride’s vision is a world where there is full cultural, social and legal equality for all.
  • InterPride’s mission is to increase the capacity of our network of LGBTI Pride organizations around the world to raise awareness of cultural and social inequality, and to effect positive change through education, collaboration, advocacy and outreach.
  • InterPride exists:To promote Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride on an international level, to increase networking and communication among Pride Organizations and to encourage diverse communities to hold and attend Pride events and to act as a source of education.
  • InterPride accomplishes it mission with Regional Conferences and an Annual World Conference (AWC). At the annual conference, InterPride members network and collaborate on an international scale and take care of the business of the organization.
  • InterPride is a voice for the LGBTI community around the world. We stand up for inequality and fight injustice everywhere. Our member organizations share the latest news so that can react internationally and make a difference.

This year WorldPride was held in Toronto, Canada, from June 20 – 29, 2014. The event was hosted by  Pride Toronto , “the not-for-profit organization that hosts Pride Week, one of the premier arts and cultural festivals in Canada” (Pride Toronto, 2024). According to Pride Toronto, Pride Week is “one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world, with an estimated attendance of over 1.2 million people celebrating the history, courage, diversity and future of Toronto’s LGBTTIQQ2SA communities”.

WorldPride 2014 appeared to have gone off without any major hitches. This was enhanced by the strong display of solidarity, from the local community, and from the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Other information related to this topic:

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