Most organizations are unaware that Statistics Canada  offers workshops, on survey methodology and analysis. The Statistics Canada  workshops  are offered through their regional offices around the country.  The workshops provide a great way for agencies to learn how to effectively use statistics, to define their target audience and to better clarify and augment their agency goals.

The Statistics Canada workshop series include some of the following workshops:

  1. Canadians Commuting to Work (1/2 Day) 10H0099.
  2. Developing Satisfaction Surveys (2 Days) 10H0068.
  3. Exploring Statistics Canada Data with the Beyond 20/20 Browser (1 Day) 10H0081.
  4. Input-Output Workshop (1 Day) 15H0010.
  5. Introduction to Basic Statistics (1 Day) 10H0104.
  6. Introduction to Public Use Microdata Files (1 Day) 10H0107.
  7. Introduction to the 2011 Census and Geography Concepts (1 Day) 92H0012.
  8. Introduction to the Development and Design of Survey Questionnaires (1 Day) 10H0102.
  9. Know Your Region (1 Day) 10H0101.
  10. Making Sense of Survey Data (3 Days) 10H0076.
  11. North American Industrial Classification System (1 Day) 10H0094.
  12. (1 Day) 10H0100.
  13. Special workshop on the DVD-ROM, Portrait of Official Language Communities in Canada (1 Day) 10H0073.
  14. Survey Sampling & Questionnaire Design (2 Days) 10H0082.
  15. Surveys from Start to Finish (2 Days) 10H0090.
  16. Surveys from Start to Finish (3 Days) 10H0085.
  17. The Canadian System of National Economic Accounts (1 Day) 13H0001.
  18. Turning Statistics Into Stories (1 Day) 10H0083.
  19. Understanding Demographic Data (1 Day) 10H0086.
  20. Understanding and Interpreting Data (2 Days) 10H0067.




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