Imagine Canada has a new T3010 Quick Prep tool, to assist charities in completing their T3010 registered charity information return.  Imagine Canada notes the following about this new tool:

  • To be in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency’s regulations, all charities must complete and submit their T3010 filings to the CRA within six months of their fiscal year end. Fully 56% of charities end their fiscal year on December 31st, meaning that they must submit their filings by the end of June each year.
  • The T3010 Quick Prep tool is the only free charity information return software for charities in Canada. It helps charities better understand and complete the Canada Revenue Agency’s T3010 Registered Charity Information Return.
  • How it Works: Quick Prep offers easy tips and definitions, more than 100 error-checking rules and automatic form filling to make the preparation of your charity’s T3010 filing as easy as possible. Quick Prep displays only the fields you need to complete, and won’t let you proceed if you’ve omitted information. Once you’ve completed the form, simply print it out and send it to the CRA.

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