The  Self Help Resource Centre (SHRC) launched their Better Together campaign today. Listed below are 7 things that the SHRC would like you to know about this campaign.


The Better Together campaign recognizes that the world is better when we work together. We all support each other in a myriad of ways, and sometimes that support has a bigger impact than we realize. In a world where it can be easier to focus on what doesn’t work, we want to hold space to acknowledge what does. We invite you to join us in thanking somebody whose support, story, smile, friendly ear, helping hand – whatever it was – made all the difference to you.


  1. Think of someone you want to thank.
  2. Make a donation here in their honour. All donations receive a tax receipt.
  3. Ask someone to take a picture of you making a heart shape with your hands.
  4. Post that picture on social media, along with your special message to that person. Remember to tag them in your post, and let them know you made a donation in their honour at here! Use hashtag #BetterTogether or tag us at @SelfHelpRC if you want us to share your message, too!
    • Here’s an example: “I just donated to the #BetterTogether campaign with a special message for @MyfriendsName. Thank you for being there for me last year when I was looking for work. Every time I lost hope I thought of what you told me. @SelfHelpRC
    • Here’s another one: “Thanks, United Way Toronto. I wasn’t sure where to turn when my brother came to me for help. You put me straight onto an organization, and they were so supportive and helpful. I just donated to the #BetterTogether campaign in your honour.
  5. Challenge your friends to thank somebody!


A photo by frank mckenna.

We believe in the power of peer support.  It’s at the core of everything we do. We want to build awareness of the work we do by demonstrating how it impacts every single person in some way. We want to tell you more about what we do, so if you or anyone you know some day needs some resources, you know where to find us. And, of course, we want to raise some money to help us keep doing that work.


The Self-Help Resource Centre is a not-for-profit charity that has been connecting people with peer support groups since 1987. These groups continue to support people in overcoming major life challenges and transitions on the path to improved health and happiness. We do this through training and supporting peer support group leaders, providing resources to groups, operating an online database and information line to refer people to groups, and through managing peer support programs at large organizations.

Read our Mission, Vision and Values here.


photo-1463797221720-6b07e6426c24 - Copy

The Self-Help Resource Centre defines peer support as a process of sharing common experiences, situations or challenges. Peer support is an exchange of getting and giving support. It involves the practice of self-care and sharing “what works”. Peer Support is not based on medical models of illness and disorder, rather it is the provision of emotional, practical and informational supports by people with lived experiences, to cultivate mutual empowerment. Peer support initiatives are run by and for the participants.


We all live on a spectrum of wellness, each using our own tools to keep us feeling okay. We will all face a crisis at some point in our lives, and that crisis will look different for everyone. Some will be acute and immediate, others gradual or ongoing. Crisis can take many forms: losing a loved one, taking the subway, physical debilitation, addiction, dealing with conflict at work, hospitalization, cumulative stress, anger and irritation, or a relationship ending. To help us through these times, we need wellness tools, which could include things like group support, physical self-care, taking a walk, meditation, exercise, creative projects, therapy, hobbies, or talking to a friend.

We believe that knowing ourselves and which tools work best for us is part of maintaining the equilibrium of life, and is also one of the surest strategies for handling stress and challenges.

The answers for how to manage life challenges already exist within the lived experience of others. When we come together with common purpose and experience, we become stronger as individuals and as a society – we create movement and change.  By creating safe spaces, harnessing the power in sharing and learning from peers, acknowledging context and social systems, and being mindful with language, we can all work together to eliminate the stigma around mental health and physical challenges and create a world where we all get to feel okay, even when we’re not.

Read our full philosophy here.



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