“Volunteers are the heartbeat of the charitable and nonprofit sector.”

According to Imagine Canada, the “charitable and nonprofit sector contributes an average of 8.1% of total Canadian GDP, more than the retail trade industry and close to the value of the mining, oil and gas extraction industry”. This can be attributed – in no small part – to the contributions of the over 13 million charitable and non-profit sector volunteers. Further, according toVolunteer Toronto (one of Canada’s largest volunteer centres), “across Toronto, individuals of different ages, races and incomes are giving back to their communities in meaningful ways”. Each month the Volunteer Toronto website “receives over 30,000 visits from people looking for volunteer opportunities in the Toronto area”.

If you engage volunteers you know how meaningful it can be to recruit, train and support volunteers. And, you can also attest to the challenges that can crop up when trying to maintain a sustainable volunteer program. Managing a successful volunteer program often involves staying abreast of population and or social trends, and “continually” updating your volunteer recruitment, support and retention strategies/efforts.


If you are someone who supports volunteers in the Toronto area, joining the Toronto Association for Volunteer Administration (TAVA) can be a source of much needed support, to better recruit, train, support and retain your program volunteers. TAVA supports administrators, coordinators and managers of volunteers within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). They do this by providing “professional development for its members through educational events, networking, mutual support and raising awareness of the importance of volunteerism in the community”.

Listed below are 8 reasons why you should become a member of  TAVA:

  1. Become apart of a network of over 80 non-profit and charitable organizations across the Greater Toronto Area!
  2. TAVA hosts seven workshops from September till June, with engaging and informative speakers, on topics chosen by members.
  3. Participation in the yearly “Give and Get” workshop where practical tools and protocols are shared between organizations
  4. Member discounted rate for TAVA’s annual day long conference.
  5. Access to a shared online forum to share best practices, post employment vacancies, and discuss volunteer engagement related issues and ideas.
  6. Access to TAVA’s yearly educational bursary for your professional development.
  7. Subscription to the Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management (CJVRM).
  8. Exclusive access to the private member’s section of the TAVA website, which hosts important volunteer management resources i.e. research, articles, news, etc.

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