A growing cohort of seniors are working well past the retirement age, and not because they want to, but because they have to. With this, early retirement has become somewhat of a unicorn. Many Canadian seniors are retiring in poverty, or with a barely livable income. There are many reasons for this, including but not limited to some of the following: poor social policy, lack of affordable housing, longer life expectancy,  decrease in stable full-time work, decrease in (or eliminating of) employer incomes, increase in personal debt, caregiving and personal healthcare costs.  This Fall the Toronto Public Library will be hosting a free workshop, for those worried about retiring on a low income and  interested in learning more about income security programs.

Using plain language, speaker John Stapleton (from Open Policy Ontario ) will help workshop participants to navigate the system, by  providing information about income security programs such as Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Canada Pension Plan and Ontario Disability Support. Unfortunately, many financial advisors are unfamiliar with these programs, and how they may interact with each other and financial products such as RRSPs and Tax Free Savings Accounts.  This workshop will provide a general understanding about these programs and how they interact with other financial products. Light refreshments and resource material will also be provided at this workshop.

Register For This Free Work At A Public Library Branch Near You!

  • PARLIAMENT; September 27th 6pm
  • DANFORTH/COXWELL; September 28th 6pm
  • LILLIAN H.SMITH; October 4th 6:30pm
  • NEW TORONTO; October 12th 6:30pm
  • THORNCLIFFE; October 20th 6:30pm
  • JAMES TOWN; October 25th 6:30pm
  • LILLIAN H. SMITH; November 2nd 1pm
  • ALBERT CAMPBELL; November 9th 6pm
  • PARKDALE; November 15th 6:30pm

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