Voting matters! And, just as important as voting is “understanding” who – and what – you are voting for. Before you vote, take some time to find out about all the registered political parties  (i.e. visit their websites, research their political track records, research what causes or policies they are supporting, etc.). Elections Canada tries to make voting as accessible as possible, so if you plan to vote during this election cycle please note the following important voting information from Elections Canada.

All the information you need to exercise your right to vote is listed below:

  1. Voter Information Service
  2. Voter Identification
  3. Ways to Vote
  4. Voter Registration
  5. FAQs for Electors
  6. Backgrounders on the electoral process
  7. Indigenous Voters
  8. Voters from Ethnocultural Communities (Accepted ID and Voter’s Guide in 31 ethnocultural languages)
  9. Information for People with Disabilities
  10. Information for First-time Voters

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